What to Expect From a Carpet Cleaning Deep Clean

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Despite what some magazines and television channels show, carpets are still incredibly popular and the best comfortable option for your feet. Nonetheless, they tend to get dirty, which is why a carpet cleaning deep clean is needed every so often. Whether you vacuum or not, there will come a time when a deep carpet cleaning is essential, and you don’t wish to do it yourself.

It is unlikely that your vacuum cleaner will eliminate all of the dust and dirt from your carpets, especially if they are thicker and fuller. An ignored carpet can quickly become a disaster, that much is obvious, but even a carpet that gets vacuumed a few times per week can accumulate disturbing amounts of dust and dander.

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How Frequently Do I Need Carpet Cleaning Deep Clean?

Lots of people wrongfully believe that deep cleaning will destroy the fibers of your carpeting and make them break sooner. That isn’t the reality if you use an experienced carpet cleaning company for the deep clean. They know what materials and tools to utilize so that your carpets won’t be damaged.

Most experienced carpet cleaners advise getting your carpets deep cleaned every 12-18 months, possibly more if you have a home that has a lot of traffic or a lot of dust.

Carpet Cleaning Deep Clean Techniques

Some people only get a light cleaning for their carpets, but the most ideal option for many houses is a deep cleaning that really gets down into the base layers of the carpet, where the dust settles and vacuums can not get to.

The deep clean technique that most carpet cleaning companies will use is an external extraction, sometimes known as hot water extraction. This can also be called steam cleaning, though many companies are leaning away from that as no steam is used in the process. Developments in technology have made an even deeper clean possible using these methods, and have made it the safest method on the market today. It is also one of the most efficient and thorough.

For the carpet cleaning and deep clean, a floor wand will shoot a pressurized solution of the cleaning agent and hot water right into your carpet. That water is then vacuumed right away into a holding tank. Your carpets will be damp after the cleaning, but most of the water will leave with the truck.

Why Use Professional Carpet Deep Cleaning?

It is true that you can buy or rent a portable carpet cleaner that uses tap water and electricity, there are some problems. The water typically isn’t as efficient at cleaning up the carpets, even if you put a cleaning solution in it. Then, the water isn’t sucked up with as much power, leaving more water in your carpet. Eventually, this water can turn to mold or mildew. Even worse, the dirt is pushed into the air, and much of it can settle back down into your carpet.

Smaller systems can not supply the power that a truck-mounted deep cleaning unit use, nor can they provide the heat. The huge difference is truly like digging a hole with a proper metal shovel or using a plastic sand shovel that children use at the beach.

Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning Prices

How much your deep carpet cleaning will be priced at relies on the size of your carpet and how soiled it is. If you have an area rug that must be deep cleaned, that will typically cost lower than wall to wall carpeting, but that isn’t always the case. There are a few things that you want to take into consideration when estimating price: the size of your carpet, the thickness of your carpet, the methods used to clean your carpet, and deals you may encounter, and any additional costs you may encounter– like if the carpet cleaning company has a furniture moving service.

While you have the carpet cleaning company at your home, you may wish to think of some of the other items that they do, like upholstery cleaning or light cleaning of the other carpets on your property. However, one word of caution is that it is a lot easier to get everything deep cleaned at the same time because dirt does track from room to room.

Need a Carpet Cleaning Deep Clean?

If you are interested in carpet cleaning deep clean in Studio City CA, contact us today (213) 516-9812 so that we can put you in contact with a local carpet cleaning company that can help you make your carpets look like new.

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