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Finding the right pet odor cleaning Los Angeles CA professional is important, because let’s face it, we all love our pets, but let’s be honest about something: they can make our homes stink. While most pets will brighten our days, they can also brighten our carpets when they go to the bathroom.

Pet odors do quite a number on your carpet – whether you can see them or not. Dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, and any other pet that you may have will do something different to your carpets, but they all end up with smell problems at some point.

How Can I Tell If My Pet Had An Accident in the House?

Professional carpet cleaning companies have the ability to tell whether or not your pet used the bathroom in the house by utilizing special UV lights. This lights up in areas where your pet used the bathroom, allowing them to target the area with specialized cleaners.

Most professional carpet cleaners can do the same thing for your area rugs, upholstery, and can even help you to see where the problems may fall on your walls, baseboards, and car.

Then, they attack the source of the odor with a chemical that destroys the pet odor – even in severe cases. Commercially, this is used in veterinary offices, dog shelters, and dog friendly stores.

Eliminate Pet Urine Odors Forever

If pet odors aren’t treated properly, the odor will travel throughout your entire home, impacting your happiness and health. If you then go to sell your home, you are facing an uphill battle because people can smell it. The smell gets into your clothing, furniture, curtains, and anything else that is soft. This is why so many landlords don’t allow pets, especially cats.

Apart from the odor, many animals leave a stain when they use the bathroom. This stain is awful and there is no hiding what it is – which makes people feel uncomfortable in your home.

Even worse, animal urine can do deep into your flooring , soaking carpet pads and even into the wood. This is why professional carpet cleaning is recommended for pet odors. As the urine dries, it turns into urine crystals, which are even smellier and more dangerous than the urine itself. A simple carpet cleaning cannot remove the smells – you have to use a specific chemical compound to remove them.

This chemical compound is safe for your home, but it is tough on urine, urine crystals, and any other smells that may be lurking in your home.  Ask our pet odor cleaning Los Angeles CA experts about this option.

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Our goal is to connect you with a company that can clean your carpets and make your home smell better and the air feel better for your health and the health of your family.

Contact us today (213) 516-9812 and we can connect you to a company that will provide a healthier, longer-lasting clean for a happier carpet and a happier home. This is a local Los Angeles CA company that has proven themselves in meeting the demands of pet owners who have the most delicate and special of carpets.