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One of the most common floor coverings that we use in our homes is carpeting. When you think about where carpet goes, from the living room to bedrooms to hallways, they are the ones that also get the most traffic – and with that, you need to expect the need for some carpet cleaning. However, this isn’t something that people commonly get anymore because they think that vacuuming is enough (it isn’t). So what is the carpet cleaning process? Here’s what you can expect:

Carpet Cleaning Process Prep Step 1: Vacuum

While it might seem counterproductive or at least not necessary, you do want to vacuum your floors before you get your carpets cleaned. Why? The reasoning is actually simple: it enables you to get a deeper clean and really get the most for your money when it comes to your cleaning.

What you want to do is get pet hair, crumbs, dust, and any loose debris out of your carpet. If your household vacuum can do it, you want to get it out. Clean your carpet ahead of time, and you will get a more thorough clean from the professional carpet cleaners.

This part of the carpet cleaning process isn’t necessary, but it will help you out immensely. Another great thing to do is wipe down the baseboards and any dusty pieces of furniture you have BEFORE you vacuum so that you can eliminate that as well.

Deep Carpet Cleaning Process Step 2: Move Your Furniture

Another step in the carpet cleaning process, at least for you, is to move all of the furniture out of the room that you are getting deep cleaned. This will help you to see any areas that really need some work – either areas that you have covered with furniture or you can see how dirty your carpeting really is because it is clean under your furniture. Move as many items away as possible, being careful not to create hazards for the workers or the equipment.

Start the carpet cleaning process by eliminating all smaller items, like toys, clothing, pet items, knickknacks, and anything you can move on your own. Tie back or take down any drapes or carpets because they can be dangerous if sucked into the cleaning equipment. You’ll want to keep them up for a few days after the cleaning as well because the carpet is still wet, and drapes tend to have dyes that run.

If there are furniture items that you cannot move, consider covering them for protection.

Deep Carpet Cleaning Process Step 3: Look for Problem Areas

Once your room has been cleared, the next step in your carpet cleaning process is to look for problem areas. Remember how we mentioned that you will be able to see them more clearly now that everything is out? You want to make sure you look at it in different lights as well. You’ll be able to see just how dirty your carpets are – in fact, many people only schedule a traditional carpet cleaning, but once they look at how dirty their floors are, they schedule deep cleanings instead.

Write down the areas of your carpet that bother you the most, like somewhere with deep stains, pet stains, or water staining. Place tape around the areas if they aren’t easy to see in certain lights.

Carpet Cleaning Process: The Appointment

On the day of your appointment, ensure that you have parking available outside of your home for the carpet cleaning van or truck. You will have to keep a doorway open so that they can run their equipment in. If you want to cut down on the time of the carpet cleaning process, think about any problems that they may encounter.

You may also want to think about children, animals, and anything that could get in the way of the work that the cleaners do. It is best to crate dogs, take them to the spa, or just keep them in another area of the home. For children, try to get a babysitter off-site or take them out for a playdate.

Carpet cleaning is extremely loud and can hurt the ears of pets and those who are sensitive to consistent noise, so that is something that you certainly want to think about.

More Questions About the Carpet Cleaning Process?

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