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There is more to cleaning your carpet than just vacuuming it every so often – instead, carpet protection offers continual cleaning and enables you to get a deeper clean. Even better, carpet protection extends the life of your carpets, whether they are wall to wall or area rugs.

Many carpet protection Los Angeles CA services are offered alongside carpet cleaning and carpet deodorizing treatments, and there is truly no better time to have it applied.

Carpet Protection and Deodorizing

Cooking, pets, smoking, wear and tear, and even just storing your rug can result in carpet odor. This is the type of smell that you may not notice, but someone just walking into your home will. No one wants those odors to linger, but they will, despite any sprays or scented candles that you use. These odors are ingrained into your carpet and require professional cleaning.

Apply a carpet protection serum will reduce the odors that you smell over time, odors tend not to stick to it like they do to plain carpets.

Carpet Protection Los Angeles CA

Carpet protection helps your carpet resist anything that you don’t want on it: dirt, spills, and other odors. It helps it to avoid the traditional wear and tear that comes from walking on it, playing on it, pets lying on it, and even regular vacuuming. As an added bonus, carpet protection tends to reduce static electricity.

Most modern carpet fibers are naturally resistant to things like water based stains and dry soil, but carpet protection takes that a step further. Even if you purchased a carpet with protection, that protection wears off fairly quickly and weakens, making it less likely to do anything.

Look for carpet cleaning companies that offer carpet protection with each cleaning that they do. In commercial properties, or in homes with kids and pets, you need all the extra protection you can get.

Should I Get Carpet Protection?

After getting a carpet cleaner, carpet protection can help to lengthen the amount of time between cleanings.In fact, you can do the same for upholstery and area rugs as well. Newer carpet protection helps your rugs to resist dry dirt, water based spills, and oil based spills. Carpet protection wraps around each fiber of the rug so that you don’t have any spots. Most importantly, it doesn’t impact the coloring or shading of the rug and it doesn’t weaken the fibers.

Does Carpet Come with a Protector?

Most manufacturers apply a dry soil protector. However, this is almost always a weaker type of carpet protection that gets worn off with everyday traffic. It is recommend that you have carpet protection reapplied at least once a year, but if you have a commercial building or a heavily traveled space, you might want to reapply with every cleaning.

Carpet protection is a good idea on any type or style of carpet. It doesn’t matter if you have the cheapest carpet or if you have something extremely pricey – carpet protection is an essential part of keeping it look new, fresh, and smelling good. If you need carpet protection Los Angeles CA experts give us a call today at (213) 516-9812 and let our pros do the work for you.