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Area rugs are a welcome addition to any area of your home or business, but they can get extremely dirty. Area rug cleaning and restoration Los Angeles CA services extend the life of your area rugs, keep their colors and patterns vibrant, and keep them safe to walk on.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning and Restoration Los Angeles CA

Professionally cleaned area rugs look cleaner, brighter, and fresher than other rugs. It is a quick and easy way to restore the beauty of your rug. Reputable cleaners can even extend the life of the rug and improve the value of it, especially for Oriental rugs or those that were hand designed.

The best area rug cleaning companies have a multi-step process that tackles all of the problems that an area rug can face, including stains, dye stability, water extraction, dust removal, and dirt elimination. Even better, they will dry and groom your rugs so that they look brand new.

Area Rug Cleaning Companies That Hand Wash Area Rugs

Some area rugs cannot be cleaned with machines or vacuums. Instead, they need to be hand washed so that the delicate materials aren’t destroyed. Hand cleaning area rugs involves dry dusting, washing by hand, extracting water, hand grooming, hand drying, and even repair.

Area Rug Deodorizing

Area rugs can have odors from just about anything – general traffic, mold, mildew, pets, accidents, smoke, and even just sitting in a dark space for too long. Eliminating these odors might present their own problems because there are some cleaning methods that make them worse.

Some smells are worse than others, so area rug cleaning companies may have to go through a few different treatments to find the ones that smell the best. Look for those companies that have good warranties so that you get what you pay for.

Area Rug Stain Protection

If you have your area rug in an area where it will always get a lot of traffic, whether in a business or in your home, stain protection can help to preserve the integrity of the rug and keep it looking like new.

Most stain resistant technology offers lower absorbency, minimizes the chance of permanent stains, and helps with vacuuming efficiency as well. Just make sure that the carpeting company you choose works with non-toxic materials that are safe for pets and children.

Area Rug Mothproofing

Moths are the sworn enemy of area rugs, and too many people don’t realize that just shooing them away isn’t enough. Guard against moths with a proven professional technique. This will prevent moth larvae from eating the fringe of your rugs and even the rugs themselve. This is a great treatment if you are going to store your rugs away for a long period of time as well, or if you tend to go away for weeks at a time.

Most mothproofing companies guarantee their work for 3-5 years. Some carpet cleaning companies will include it in their regular services.

Area Rug Restoration

Area rugs take quite a bit of abuse and wear and tear, which means that they need to be repaired every so often. This is a delicate process because repairing a rug inappropriately can actually result in more damage. You have to trust the company who works with your rugs.

Some of the service more area rug restoration companies include are:

  • General Repair
  • Fringe and Edge Repair
  • Weave Repair
  • Re-Piling
  • Re-Dyeing
  • Stretching and Sizing

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